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Smart Start Alcohol Interlock Devices


Smart Start Alcohol Interlock device's are successfully used for drink drive offenders, voluntary participants and for commercial applications.


Smart Start Interlocks expertise is in targeting drink drive offenders to ensure they can Separate Drinking From Driving.™ An Alcohol Interlock device is designed to prevent the participants vehicle from starting if alcohol is present on their breath. The Alcohol Interlock device will measure and record the level of alcohol on your breath and record the measurement for each time the user takes a test. This information is then downloaded by your local Alcohol Interlock service centre on a monthly basis and forwarded to the monitoring authorities upon request.


  • The driver is required to provide and pass a test when requested by the Alcohol Interlock device

  • Without providing a successful test the car will remain disabled

  • Random re-tests are required once the vehicle has started

  • Design features prevent tampering and circumvention



Why Choose Smart Start Alcohol Interlocks?


  • Friendly and fully trained staff to guide you through your Alcohol Interlock program

  • User friendly and easy to operate

  • 24 Hr product support line

  • Optional photo ID camera technology

  • Appointment reminders displayed on screen




Smart Start Interlock Training Tutorial

Commercial and Fleet Alcohol Interlocks


Protect your employees and fleet with Alcohol Interlocks


Alcohol Interlocks not only keep a vehicle from starting if the driver has been drinking, but also acts as a fleet management tool. You can even customize the setting to meet your business requirements. The durable construction ensures reliability in all vehicles such as trucks, buses, ships, courier vans and taxies.


How it works


Prior to starting the vehicle, the driver conducts a brief breath test by blowing into the interlock. The interlock senses if the driver has been drinking and if their BAC is over the limit. If it is, the engine cannot be started.


Why equip your fleet with Alcohol Interlocks?


Anything you can do to reduce risk and increase safety is worth the investment. Prove your company to be a leader in safety risk management and become a go-to transportation company, while ensuring that your vehicles are being operated responsibly. With an alcohol interlock from Smart Start Interlocks, you can demonstrate your commitment to both driver and public safety.


Think prevention instead of penalty – be proactive and contact Smart Start Interlocks on 1300 256 900

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